How it all started...

Spring 2008

The first time I saw Adam doing a Solo-guitar-concert in Mika’s Belgium farmhouse I was amazed about the joy he brought to the audience, the groove in his body, the delicate phrases, his heavy swing, the fun he obviously had, the accurate, respectfull way to treat the music, his great own compositions and arrangements. I was kind of shocked to find so many things in one person. The next day after his next concert we jammed and had double-joy, double-fun, double-ideas, double-crazyness but also double softness. The idea of a Cologne-New York-Duo was born.

Summer 2008

I had booked a flight to New York to spend my Summer there and winning the SHURE JAZZ VOICE competition during the Montreux Jazz Festival put me on a trip of positive energy, enjoying the heat of Harlem, the sweat of Jazz in the clubs. Adam invited me to join him for some gigs, we did some prerecording-sessions in Brooklyn, choose our all-time-favorite songs, arranged them, ate good vietnamese food, worked on sounds and percussion.

It was thrilling. And beside the entertainer I met a humble guy – Adam meditates daily, has a cat, we talked for ours. It was great. So now I was excited about the things to come. And: ACOUSTIC MUSIC gave us a real record-deal!

Autumn 2008

Autumn 2008. Our first tour in Germany – we played small clubs and big stages, we jammed with Paul Kuhn and Nils Landgren, played our program for real listeners. The moment of performing and giving the „new baby“ to a careful audience is a scary moment. There is no choice – I want to give everything I feel, want to dive into the music together with my listeners – and I want to make them sing as well. I love the energy – sometimes listeners lift up the stage somehow – a magical moment for me.

Spring 2009

Recording in the studio was a challenge. We dreamed to get the live-experience somehow intuitivly on the record. Some songs with doing-it-the-first-time-energy just happened. We had some titels to carefully work on and change the arrangement for the recording. Not having the audience to participate Sabine had to sing the 2nd voices herself. Special to me was the German hip hop song – (now… this is what I wrote when the idea of dividing it wasn’t there… maybe you wanna say things about the song? Or whatever? …Adam did the beatbox-track on the spot, first time, one layer. I still can’t believe he did that). For “sweetest taboo” we turned down all the lights, “so danco samba” got us dancing and our night-time-recording of “Hit the road Jack” again was a lot of fun.

Autumn 2009

Mixing, mastering, artwork, booking the tour, doing the website and loving our music: the album of Adam & Sabine: GIRL MEETS GUITAR!